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Elderly or Disabled Homestead Exclusion
This exclusion is for homeowners at least aged 65 or those that are totally and permanently disabled. To qualify, the income of the homeowner and spouse must not exceed $27,100.

Disabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion:
This exclusion is for Honorably Discharged Disabled Veterans that are 100% totally disabled from a service-connected disability or that received benefits for specially
adapted housing under 38 U.S.C. Sec. 2101. There is no income test for this exclusion.


Tax Phone:
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Mapping Phone:
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Circuit Breaker Homestead Tax Deferment Program:
This program limits the amount of taxes one must pay annually on their permanent residence to a fixed percentage of their income. The amount of taxes above that percentage is deferred and does not have to be repaid until such time a disqualifying event occurs. Examples of a disqualifying events would be death, transfer of the property, or the property is no longer the taxpayers permanent residence. Deferred taxes that become due must be repaid including interest from the date the taxes would have originally become due. To qualify, the income of the homeowner and spouse must not exceed $40,650.

There is one combined APPLICATION for the three tax relief programs above. Please click on the name of the tax relief for a complete description of the programs and their eligibility information.

Homestead Exemption -- Physician Certificate of Disability
(not to be used for the Disabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion - That certification must come from the Veterans Administration or other Federal Agency.

Disabled Veteran -- Motor Vehicles

Tax Exemptions -- General Application