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Cashie River

Veteran Services
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PO Box 178
106 Dundee St.
Windsor, NC 27983

Office Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday
Exceptions: Holidays & Inclement Weather

Denise Clark

(252) 794-5304

(252) 794-5327

The Bertie County Veteran Services acts as the local advocate for veterans and their dependants. The office provides information about their rights and entitlements under various local, state, and federal laws, assisting them in obtaining necessary forms from the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense.

The Veteran Services Office can assist you with the following claims:
• Burial Benefits
• Dependency Indemnity Compensation
• Disabilities Compensation
• Disabilities Pension
• Educational Benefits
• Healthcare
• Home Loan Gauranties
• Insurance
• Nursing Home Care
• Vocational Rehabilitation
• Veteran Woman's Services
• State Veterans Benefits
     (a) County Property Tax Exclusion
     (b) Disabled Veterans (DV) License Tags
     (c) Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License

We work for the veterans and their family....Not the VA!