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Cashie River

Planning & Inspections
For septic permitting, lead-based paint and sanitation issues, please contact the Environmental Health Division at 252-794-5322.

Annual Financial Report on Use of Fees

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PO Box 530
106 Dundee St.
Windsor, NC 27983

Office Hours: 8:30am-5:00pm
Exceptions: Holidays & Inclement Weather

What you need to know about Building & Permitting
Information Regarding Homeowners Recovery Fund
Demolition Permit Application Packet
Fire Permit/Inspection Application

Zoning Information
Property that is located within the town limits or ETJ (usually 1-mile outside of town limits) of town limits, a Zoning Allowance Form is required to be submitted before issuance of a building permit. A Zoning Compliance Form is required to be signed off by the town at the end of construction before the final inspection. These forms are required by this department and do not represent or take the place of any town’s zoning permit.

Roanoke-River Watershed Map
Road Name Change Policy

Planning Information/Forms
CAMA Land Use Plan
New Building Setback Requirements
Family Subdivision Exemption
Family Subdivision Exemption Certificate

Inspections Information/Forms
Fire Alarm/Suppression System Permit Application
Floodplain Development Permit Application
New Building Setback Requirements
Guide to Restoring Power
Traci White

(252) 794-5336
Option 1 – General Info.
Option 2 – Nuisance Abatement
Option 3 – Planning
Option 9 – Hear these options again

(252) 794-5361

Building Codes Enforcement Officer
John Rawls

Building Codes Inspector
James Corbett

Permit Specialist
Ellison Pierce

Nuisance Abatement Officer
Barry Anderson

Ordinances & Programs
Watershed Protection Ordinance
Outdoor Advertising Sign Ordinance
Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance
Flood Development Permit Application
Floodplain Information - Flood Maps
Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Development Agreement Ordinance 2008
Subdivision Ordinance
Junkyards & Abandoned Motor Vehicles Ordinance
Solid Waste Management Ordinance
Tri-County Height Restriction Ordinance 2019