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Cashie River

Register of Deeds
Vital Records Resources
The Bertie County Register of Deeds maintains birth, death and marriage records for people who were born, died, or whose marriage license is filed in the county.
In accordance with N.C.G.S. 130A-93, the following can be issued certified copies:
· The applicant
· The applicant’s spouse (current)
· The applicant’s parent/step-parent
· The applicant’s brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister
· The applicant’s child/step-child
Annie F. Wilson

(252) 794-5309

(252) 794-5374

· The applicant’s grandparent/grandchild
· Any person seeking information for legal determination of personal or property rights
· An authorized agent, attorney, or legal representative of the applicant
To obtain copies, complete and sign the application for vital records request form. Return the signed application, along with $10.00 and a copy of your current picture ID to:
Bertie County Register of Deeds
Post Office Box 340
Windsor, NC 27983
Information regarding any vital record certificates may be obtained by calling the office at 252-794-5309.
You may also obtain information on obtaining a certified copy of a vital record from North Carolina Vital Records Division at the State Center for Health Statistics web site: