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Register of Deeds
Requirements For Obtaining A Marriage License Resources

For issuance of a marriage license, please arrive before 4:00 p.m.

All recordings end at 4:30 pm daily.

You may purchase a marriage license in the Register of Deeds office in any county in North Carolina. The marriage ceremony may be performed in any of the one hundred counties but the license must return to the county of issuance. North Carolina marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the date of issuance.  The fee for the marriage license is $60.00 (cash only).
Both the bride and groom must provide identification. Such as current driver’s license, state issued picture ID card, valid passport, or military ID. Also, both parties must provide a social security number or a notarized affidavit stating “I have not been issued a social security card by the US government and I am not eligible to obtain one”.
Annie F. Wilson

(252) 794-5309

(252) 794-5374

If you do not have a social security number please contact the Social Security Administration before proceding to our office.
Applicants who are 16-17 years old must have consent from a parent with full or joint custody, or a person, agency or institution having legal custody or serving as legal guardian of the applicant.
Applicants who are 14-15 years old must present a certified copy of a court order issued by a district court judge authorizing the marriage.
Date of divorce is required when applicable. If the information is unclear about a divorce then a certified copy of the divorce decree is required.

Because of the time consuming process, office cut off time to issue a marriage license is 4:00pm.
Preparation of Marriage License Form