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Cashie River


Bertie County Senior Center Use Policies
The Bertie County Senior Center was developed for the use of Bertie County Senior Citizens.
The Senior Center Gym can be used by the following organizations (by priority) after arrangements have been made with the Council on Aging Director.
            Bertie County Senior Citizens (no charge)
            Bertie County Government Agencies (no charge)
            N.C. State Agencies (no charge)
            County/State Educational Institutions (no charge)
            Non Profit Organizations and Businesses may rent the Senior Center for $100.00 a day
Family reunions, class reunions, parties/dances, weddings, wedding receptions, sorority/fraternity parties are not allowed.
Alcoholic beverages are not allowed and are strictly prohibited.
Admission will only be allowed to cover the direct cost of programs.
The Senior Center is not to be used as a fund raising source for any organizations other than the Senior Center. It is not to be used as a “for profit” venture.
Anyone requesting the use of the Senior Center must sign and abide by the “Agreement for use of the Senior Center Gym.”
Failure to abide by the “Agreement for use of the Senior Center Guidelines” can result in monetary loss, and also loss of organization’s privilege to rent the Senior Center.
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