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Cashie River

243 Bal Gra Road
Merry Hill, NC 27957

Bertie Beach Day

Highlights from Bertie Beach Day 2019

Bertie Beach Day 2019 Comments:

“It isn't every day you have the chance to witness history in the making, but Saturday, June 29,2019 was one of those days. Friends, families and neighbors gathered in the eastern part of Bertie County on the shore of the Albemarle Sound to enjoy a day at the beach. Residents enjoyed a picnic lunch under a huge tent, music, swimming, fishing, paddle boards,
kayaks and activities for children. Countless volunteers and community leaders worked to make the day possible. Hats off to them for a job well done!! We find it exciting to enjoy a look into the future and consider the possibilities for the people of Bertie County.” BertiePoet

“Great job Bertie!” L. Helms

“Great event! I enjoyed seeing our county come together! Well planned and hats off to all involved to make it happen!” P. Demofonte

“I was very pleased to see the smiles of the community able to finally enjoy the beautiful waterfront in Bertie. I certainly hope that this is one of many new and exciting things for the county!!” S. Spivey

“Thanks, Bertie. Great event. Thanks to all who helped make this day possible. Everyone was so gracious and helpful. Amazing what can be accomplished when everyone works together! Bertie got it going on!” D. Taylor

“Love this!! As a former teacher at CES, I was always disheartened by the number of students who had never been able to access the water. This is great! Awesome to see the smiling faces enjoying the water!” D. Simons

“Can't wait to come and experience Bertie Co. Beach. Great Accomplishment!!” M. Bond

“This is absolutely wonderful.... i wasnt able to attend because of prior engagements but it looks as if everyone who attended enjoyed. It really gives me joy to see my bertie citizens enjoying each other and our beautiful land. Hope Bertie has more in store. This is so awesome.” K. Rascoe

“As a teacher, my favorite part was watching all of my kids finally get to enjoy what I tell them about all the time! I saw MANY of them there today. Many are clueless there's a river right here or when I tell them about the wildlife around it they are so curious and just wish they could come jump in. Seeing them smile those big smiles out in the water and experiencing paddle boarding and fishing all for the first time today made me happy seeing them so happy! I'm glad there was an opportunity given for EVERYONE to come out and enjoy this beautiful water. “ A. Powell

“My heart is smiling as I read all of your comments. This is proof positive that ALL things are possible when we are prayerful and willing to roll up our sleeves to become a part of positive changes in our community. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it will most definitely be worth it. Great job Bertie County Government Leaders. I pray that this will be the first of many events that bring our community TOGETHER. ” K. Bazemore

“We took our grandkids from Ohio today and it was a great experience. Thank you to all who have worked so hard. I loved the positive feelings of being with all of you. With all the strife in the news I can’t say enough good about this” D. Williams

“We had the best time!! We will be there every weekend!!” K. Copeland