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Cashie River

Planning & Inspections
New Construction Requirements Resources
The following is a list of required inspections for any newly constructed or remolded structure in the State of North Carolina. If you have any questions concerning these inspections, please contact our office at the above number

1. A footing inspection of ditches must be done prior to any cement being poured.
All footings must be dug below the frost line and not less than 12 inches from
existing ground surface (not fill dirt) but to the bottom of ditch.

2. After concrete has been poured, the foundation can be placed on footing. All soil
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(252) 794-5361
under the building must be leveled out 4 inches above outside level and all debris removed. After this is done and the floor has been framed, a floor system inspection
must be don prior to the sub-flooring being put in place.

3. A rough-in inspection must be done prior to the drywall being placed on walls. The rough-in inspection is done in two stages. The first rough-in consists of framing, electrical, plumbing, and a mechanical inspection. The second rough-in consists of the insulation inspection. After the second rough-in is done and approved, the structure may then be finished and made ready for the final inspection.

4. A final inspection is done after construction or remodeling is completed. The 911 address must be displayed on the building before final inspection will be done.